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YES, I am already curstomer (retailer) and I have a Anvenor customer number.
If not - see the option below .

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O R D E R (for retailers)
I would like to order the following items according to the standard sales terms and the valid price list:

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Info: Minimum data entry are "ItemCode" and "SKU Quantity". That's the rapid data entry method.
Prices and calulations are ment for your info and convenience ONLY.
We will always take the prices form the valid price list and give you the best price possible.
All prices shown are without VAT and according to our standard sales terms.


If you are NOT YET Anvenor cusomer (retailer)
I am not yet an Anvenor customer. But I am a retailer and I apply to become a dealer for Anvenor products.
I will send a biz registration copy or some other retailer status proof separately by mail, by fax or by email (scans).

If you are a Shopper (not a retailer)
I am just shopping and I wonder how to order Anvenor products.
Please keep me informed where to purchase Anvenor products.
Maybe an Anvenor dealer can send me some information, since I don't know the product's shop prices.